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Led by our partner, Shawn Ho, our lawyers in the Property practice group adopt a hands-on approach in advising and handling property transactions for our clients relating to:

  • sale and purchase of residential properties (sub-sale only)
  • sale and purchase of commercial properties including commercial shop lots, office units, industrial factories and raw land
  • tenancies and leases of residential and commercial properties
  • bidding and purchase of auction properties
  • perfection of title
  • discharge of charge
  • documentations and applications in respect of foreign acquisition of properties in Malaysia and relevant state authority consent
  • property investment

Clients will be provided with timely updates throughout the transaction and can be assured that our experienced team of lawyers are personally handling their transaction.


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Shawn Ho

Shawn Ho, Partner

Shawn Ho

Suzanne Fam, Senior Associate

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At the consultation, our lawyers will speak with you to understand your legal needs and to address any of the following:

  • Advise you on the process of a property transaction – what to expect before, during and after the transaction
  • Review your offer letter for the sale and/or purchase of a property
  • Review your offer letter for the rental of commercial and/or residential properties
  • Review your tenancy agreement for commercial and/or residential properties
  • Review and advise on the proclamation of sale (POS) relating to an auction property

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